Vinyl Matters

Here are some interesting links to info about this phenomena!


Fat Possum Opens Its Own Vinyl Pressing Plant

Digital Media News: 2014 Vinyl Sales Up 38%

Record Store Day

Things You Should Know Before Starting A Vinyl Collection

eMusician: Mastering Vinyl

German Police Bust ‘Europe’s Largest’ Underground Pressing Plant


Welcome to 1979: Masters of Their Domain

Mastering Lab: Vinyl Mastering

The Vinyl Factory: How To Master A Record

Emil Berliner Studios: Vinyl

Mike Wells Mastering: Vinyl 

Air Studios Mastering… be sure to download their Vinyl App!

Jack White’s Third Man Records…fastest record ‘record’

United Recording Pressing…the largest pressing plant in the US!

Musicol…Columbus’ Oldest Recording Studio and Vinyl Pressing Plant

…it's all about the audio…

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