For Sale!

Here are items that are available from the MasterMix facility.

Please contact Jim at or 615.504.3798 for details. 

All items were removed from service in good condition, and are stored at a secure, temperature-controlled site in Nashville.


MM Hanks Rm 1

Full Range Monitoring System (LCR) consisting of:

3 ea. PMC Model BB5 3-way enclosures

3 ea. PMC Model XBD LF extension enclosures

3 ea. Bryston Model 10B Active Crossovers

3 ea. Bryston Model 4B-ST Stereo Amplifiers

6 ea. Bryston Model 7B-ST Mono Amplifiers

Includes 3 ea. Middle Atlantic rack enclosures for Bryston components plus all interface & connectoring between components and enclosures.

Item # 2

Surround Closeup Front 3R

Full Range Monitoring System (6.1) consisting of:

6 ea. Nova Applause 5 Active Loudspeakers

6 ea. Power Supplies for above

6 ea. Bag End Infra-M Low Frequency Integrators

6 ea. Bag End D10E-I Low Frequency Dual 12″ enclosures

3 ea. Bryston Power-Pac 300 Mono power amplifiers

1 ea. Bryston 6B-SST Pro 3-channel power amplifier

1 ea. Genelec 7071A Active Subwoofer

1 ea. Rack Rider RR15SNL Power Conditioner

1 Cabbage Case Rack enclosure

6 ea. Anvil Heavy Duty adjustable height speaker stands

Includes various interconnects for above system.

Item 3 

switchman controllerswitchman front elec





1 ea. EMM Labs Switchman MK-II    5.1 Monitor Controller

Item 4


1 ea. Sony DVW-A500 Digi-beta Recorder (low hours)


HDCD front with lights-PS

1 ea. Pacific Microsonics HDCD Model One A-D/ D-A Converter (44.1/48)

1 ea. Pacific Microsonics Model One Power Supply & Cabling

The following installation items are available in the Middle Tennessee area (pick-up only)!

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